With financial support from the Friends, Lakeside Lab is able to staff a year-round Scientist-in-Residence. Rebecca Kauten is the current Scientist-in-Residence, with the task of guiding undergraduate interns to develop and carry out independent research studies. Outside of her guidance to undergraduate researchers, Rebecca is the project lead on a variety of studies with a focus on wetland restoration and water recreation. 


Collegiate Internships

During the summer months, Lakeside Lab hosts 20+ undergraduate interns. While on campus, each intern must design and execute an independent project. In the past, interns have pursued projects focused on environmental education, public health, spatial analysis, plant identification, water quality, zooplankton biodiversity, and many more! Housing and feeding 20+ interns can become pricy, which is why the Friends of Lakeside Lab offer scholarships to help cover the cost of a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience at Lakeside Lab.