2022 Board of Directors

Heidi Toale - President
Joan Gronstal - Vice President
Barbara Mendenhall - Treasurer
Kathy Kleen - Secretary

Denise Barry
Randy Gould
Drew Hutchinson
Dean Jacobsen
Mary Jean Montgomery
Ann Mugge
Chris Oponski
Jeani Eich Voss
John Wills
Mark Zito

Friends of Lakeside Lab Executive Director
Maddie Gulick

Lakeside Lab Executive Director
Mary Skopec

Board of Regents Liaison
Rachel Boon

Directors Emeritus

Robert Barak
Tom Bedell
Don Brown
Neal Conover
Carole Lea Cotton
Greg Drees
Karen Goodenow
Mary Louise Petersen
Janice Richards
Sue Richter
David Shumway*
Judy Thoreson

*their legacy lives on through the Friends of Lakeside Lab