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Water Quality

The Friends believe good water quality is essential to the economy, ecology and quality of life in the Iowa Great Lakes region, and that Lakeside has an invaluable role to play in scientific research and educating learners of all ages about water quality issues. As expressed by one board member, "Lakeside's great water quality monitoring and education programs are good for business!"

It comes as no surprise, then, that the founding inspiration of the Friends is to support Iowa Lakeside Laboratory as a community, scientific and educational resource for water quality monitoring, research and education.

Friends' water quality accomplishments include:

  • A successful fundraising campaign to construct the Waitt Water Quality Lab, Lakeside's first year-round teaching and research facility. Built under budget and on schedule, the facility houses the Richard Bovbjerg Water Chemistry Lab, two community classrooms, and offices. The Friends donated the facility to the Iowa Board of Regents in 1998.
  • Playing a leadership role in meeting the need for a unified approach and long term data base of the water quality of Dickinson County lakes through the formation of the Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project. Established in 1999, CLAMP provides a needed data base on the water quality of nine lakes in Dickinson County and is the longest running lake monitoring program in Iowa.
  • Expanding Lakeside's water quality services through inspiring a new partnership between Lakeside and the State Hygienic Lab in 2007. The SHL's Lakeside facility is certified by the state of Iowa and the Environmental Protection Agency and can perform a variety of analyses on drinking water, waste water, and surface water for public and private clients.
  • Ensuring water quality data are accessible to the public and decision makers through an online database. "It is very powerful to inform the public and provide scientific data that shape public policy!"
  • Upcoming

    • Science on the Menu, October 19, 2021, 5-8 PM, Lakeside Lab Dining Hall. Questions? Friends of Lakeside Lab, at 712-337-3669 Ext. 1 or at friendsoflakesidelab@gmail.com.
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