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Volunteer Opportunities: Coffee & Grounds Crew

The Coffee & Grounds Crew is comprised of Friends members and other volunteers who are devoted to enhancing the natural beauty of the environment surrounding Lakeside Laboratory. The goal is monumental, but "many hands make light work" and wonderful results can be seen from this group's efforts incliding removing brush and invasive plants, collecting seeds and working in the Anspach garden. The fact that this work is carried out within the beautiful grounds of Lakeside Lab keeps the volunteers inspired. Also, working as a member of the Coffee & Grounds Crew offers the volunteer the unique opportunity to learn in nature's classroom about plant identification, the surprising denizens of the prairie and wetland environments, and the members develop and share friendships.

The Coffee & Grounds Crew is a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved with a diverse group of interesting and interested personalities! The Crew meets at 8:30 every Tuesday morning at Waitt Water Quality Lab on the grounds of Lakeside Laboratory, works for about two hours and then breaks for coffee on the porch. The coffee, and sometimes doughnuts, will be waiting for you, so put on your gardening clothes, grab those sturdy gloves and come join us!

For additional information about The Coffee & Grounds Crew volunteer opportunities, please visit Lakeside Lab or contact the Friends.

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    • Science on the Menu, October 19, 2021, 5-8 PM, Lakeside Lab Dining Hall. Questions? Friends of Lakeside Lab, at 712-337-3669 Ext. 1 or at friendsoflakesidelab@gmail.com.
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