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CLAMP (Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project) is a program of water quality monitoring supported by the Friends of Lakeside Lab. The CLAMP water monitoring project has been in place for 10 years, making it the longest continuing water monitoring program in the state. Until 1999 a long-term unified water-quality monitoring program for the Iowa Great Lakes and surrounding area did not exist. Without long-term uniformly collected data, it is difficult to determine if the water quality of the lakes is changing for the better or worse.

In the spring of 1999, Jane Shuttleworth, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, was responsible for recruiting and training the first group of volunteers. This new organization was named the Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project or CLAMP. It now has volunteers collecting data on 11 lakes in NW Iowa. Water samples are taken every 2 weeks from several bodies of water in Dickinson County by a large group of trained volunteers. The volunteers are trained to measure water clarity, temperature, oxygen content, nutrient levels and chlorophyll.

CLAMP represents a great opportunity for anyone concerned about the health of our beautiful Iowa Great Lakes to actively contribute to the well-being of our lakes. Volunteers are trained in scientific sample collection methods, the use of various pieces of monitoring equipment, and enjoy time on the water with like-minded individuals. The monitoring season ends each September, when we enjoy a CLAMP volunteer get-together on the Lakeside Lab grounds.

Anyone who wishes to become a CLAMP volunteer should contact Jane Shuttleworth, CLAMP Coordinator, at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory (712-337-3669 ext. 7).

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    • The Friends will be extending the series of "Passport to Nature" Family Packets starting June 12 at Lakeside Lab. Please check out details to the left. Questions? Contact Lisa Roti, Friends Executive Director, at 712-337-3669 Ext. 1 or at friendsoflakesidelab@gmail.com.
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