Friends Board Members 2017

Chris Oponski, President
Lee Schoenewe, Vice-President
Barbara Mendenhall, Treasurer
Kathy Kleen, Secretary

Caroline Vernon Barry
Don Brown
Neal Conover
Ann Ditsworth
Jeani Eich
Joan Gronstal
Jim Keck
Mary Jean Montgomery
Ann Mugge
Phil Petersen
Brian Richter
Lee Schoenewe
Mary Skopec
Marsha Swanson
Judy Thoreson
Heidi Toale
John Wills
Serena Zachary

Emeritus Board Members

Robert Barak
Tom Bedell
Carole Lea Cotton
Greg Drees
Karen Goodenow
Mary Louise Petersen
Janice Richards
Sue Richter
David Shumway

Liaison to the Board of Regents

Bob Donley

Past Presidents

Judy Thoreson
Sue Richter
Mary Jean Montgomery
Barbara Mendenhall
Donna Buell
Janis Richards
Greg Drees
Don Brown
Joan Gronstal
Neal Conover
Ann Mugge

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    • Please join us for the next Science on the Menu Dinner and Lecture in Lakeside Lab's Dining Hall on Tuesday, December 4 at 6:00pm. For more details, see information to the left or contact Lisa Roti, Friends Executive Director at 712-337-3669 ext. 1.
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